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Introduction to San Lorenzo

View of San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a city in the South American country of Paraguay.

The city of San Lorenzo lies in the department of Central. It is one of the most densely populated cities and stands third in the position among the most populated cities in Paraguay. The city is at an altitude of 146 meters. Commerce is the main activity of the city and it is the center for commercial activities. It is a satellite city, which lies to the east of Asuncion.

The Roman Catholic diocese of San Lorenzo is centered here. The campus of the National University of Asunción is located here.

The major airport closest to San Lorenzo is in Asuncion, located at around 14 kms from the center of San Lorenzo.

Getting Around San Lorenzo

There are buses which run on different routes, which you can use to go around. Many hotels in Asuncion offer day trips to San Lorenzo.

Top attractions San Lorenzo

Video of San Lorenzo!

The town center is a good place to start where you can see a church in the middle of the plaza and some majestic buildings, surrounding the plaza. You can visit the monument at the plaza, which is dedicated to the children who died in the Acosta Nu battle.

Paraguay is the dwelling place of around 500 native villages or communities. These communities have around 5 different linguistic groups. You can learn about these communities, their languages and cultures, during your visit to Museo Boggiani, the museum at San Lorenzo. This museum is highly recommended to anyone visiting San Lorenzo and is just a block or two away from the plaza. The museum building in itself is stunning, to look at. It displays the indigenous craft of the area and some craft work is available for sale too. If you are interested in souvenirs, you can buy them here.

Those who love architecture will love visiting the city of San Lorenzo. Visit the beautiful gothic style San Lorenzo Church. The grand grey and white building is set in the middle of pleasant green garden adds to the beauty of the building.

The people of Paraguay are passionate about football. Go to the Estadio Ciudad Universitaria for a visit or see a live game. The stadium is also known as Gunther Vogel Stadium and has a capacity of around 5000 people. This stadium is the venue for many big games of the local championship Lorenzan Football League.

Ypacaraí Lake is one the popular attractions of San Lorenzo. Relax at this picturesque spot away from the city.

Enjoy wandering around the market place of San Lorenzo. One block away from the cathedral is Mariscal Estigarribia. This is the main street and runs through the middle of the city center. As this lies on the bus route, you can choose this place for shopping. Colorful fruits, vegetables, clothes, cheap hair accessories are some of the accessories you can buy at the market. As part of the tradition and also of the fact that the consultation fees of the doctors is very high, people here, still rely on the use of medicinal plants to cure any illness. You will find many Yuyeras selling medicinal plants, along the street. La Yuyera means the weed lady and Yuyos are weeds in English. You can shop for medicinal plants here.

Outside the City

Asuncion is close to San Lorenzo, at a distance of 10 kilometers from Asuncion. You can go to Ciudad del Este or Encarnacion, as well, both destinations being quite close to San Lorenzo. San Lorenzo can be easily reached from other nearby town and cities. Mercedes Ibarra, Cuatro Mojones, Luque, Zarate Isla, La Mercedes, Aregua, Barrio San Isidro are cities from where San Lorenzo is accessible.

Map of San Lorenzo

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