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Introduction to Chiclayo

View of Chiclayo

Chiclayo is the fourth largest city in Peru. It is the capital of Lambayeque region, which is located on the northern coastal plain of Peru. Chiclayo is considered one of the most vibrant cities of northern Peru.

It is big city like with supermarkets but is small enough to get around easily. It is the land of ancient civilizations and wealthy colonial societies. Chiclayo and its adjacent areas are well known for their archaeological sites and treasures like the Huaca Rajada Sipan, Batán Grande and Túcume.

Getting Around Chiclayo

Tico taxis are in abundance in Chiclayo and they are often used by tourists, to go around the city. Moto taxis are available too which prove to be more economical and better ventilated. However, they provide lesser protection than the protection provided by Tico Taxis. Hotels often rent a car with driver as well, so do ask your hotel.

Top attractions in Chiclayo

Video of Chiclayo!

Chiclayo has a lot to offer to travelers. You can enjoy the archaeological sites, the majestic colonial architecture, the impressive towering mountains, the beautiful beaches with clear water or the delicious seafood.

Enjoy and experience the liveliness of the city at plazas like Plazuela Elias Aguirre or Parque Principal. These plazas are bustling with energy, even after sunset.

Mercado Modelo is just 5 blocks from Parque Principal. This is one of the most interesting markets in the country .There are all sorts of items on sale here, from colorful fruits and vegetables to appliances and herbal remedies. Mercado Modelo also houses Mercado de Brujos or the witch doctor’s market. It is an interesting stop for any traveler. You can see the materials that are used by Peru’s curanderos. The sight of snakeskin, deer legs, scents potions may seem strange at first but will soon turn into objects of amazement and interest.

The tomb of Senor de Sipan or Lord of Sipan, is considered the most significant archeological discovery of the region.Lord of Sipan is seen as the King Tutankhamen of the Americas. Lord of Sipan wore funeral clothes which were adorned with jewels and gold and silver. Be intrigued by the mystery of his precise identity and the cause of death.

Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan is a ‘must visit’ attraction. This well designed museum is located in Lambayeque, which is 11km north of Chiclayo. It has the rare treasures of Sipan tombs, where you will also be explained how the tomb was discovered and what did it look like then.

The other archeological attraction is Tucume, which was the final capital of the Sican culture. Explore the complex of Tucume commonly referred to as the Valley of the Pyramids. There are 26 pyramids here, which add to the traveler’s amazement.

Paseo de las Musas is a narrow but pleasant city park. Enjoy a lazy stroll at the park, while admiring the classical-style statues of mythological beings.

Those who love horse riding can take horseback riding tours. You can ride through the biggest dry forest in the world and visit the pyramids of the Pre-Inca era.

Chiclayo is also famous for its fine cooking. Try some lip smacking local specialties like arroz con pato or the local variation of ceviche.

Participate in some of the events here, in the city. Have fun in the festival of Santísima Cruz de Chalpón held in the month of February. Take part in the most religious celebration in the Lambayeque region, the Holy Cross of Motupe Pilgrimage.

Outside the City

There is a farm, Rancho Santana, which is at a drive of 1 hour by public bus. Enjoy your stay at the countryside and probably go for horse riding to Bosque de Pomac.

There are hourly buses from Chiclayo to Trujillo, which takes around 3 hours. Lima is a popular destination at a drive of 11 hours, from here. You can even book a tour to Chachapoyas and Tarapoto.

Map of Chiclayo

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Where to sleep in Chiclayo

Gran Chiclayo Hotel
Avenue Federico Villarreal 115, Chiclayo, Chiclayo, Peru
Phone: 51 74 234911 - Rates start from USD 50

Strategically located in the heart of Chiclayo, the city of friendship, Gran Chiclayo Hotel is only 10 minutes away from the airport. The tourist spots like Lambayeque & Ferrenafe as well as the Sipan & Pimentel, with its beautiful beaches are nearby the property.

Photo Gallery of Hotels in Chiclayo

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